“At the most basic level, [Measure 26-238] is deeply flawed… it fail[s] to explicitly exempt profits from the sale of primary residences, as federal tax law does. That means a retired senior living on a modest income who sells his or her home could have to pay the tax on decades of appreciated value… If 26-238 passes, many county residents may incur tax liabilities this year they didn’t know about…We encourage voters to reject this sloppy, unnecessary measure..”

Willamette Week Editorial Board Endorsement, April 26, 2023

“Measure 26-238 on the May ballot proposes a supremely inefficient, regressive, untested and ill-informed way to fund such support [for renters facing eviction]… Multnomah County residents should do their homework up front on this issue and recognize that “no” on Measure 26-238 is the right call.”

The Oregonian Editorial Board Endorsement, April 23, 2023

[Measure 26-238] fails multiple tests for good government policy… The fact that this is a new, complicated and untested tax means it has a high risk of unintended consequences. Large corporations would pay nothing, while small business owners would be on the hook… [Voters] should reject Measure 26-238, not because they have no empathy for renters on the margins, but because there are surely better and more efficient ways to help them.”

Portland Tribune Editorial Board Endorsement, April 26, 2023

Organizations & Businesses

  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
  • Black Business Association of Oregon
  • East Metro Association of REALTORS®
  • Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Hacienda Community Development Corporation
  • Home Building Association of Greater Portland
  • IBEW Local 48
  • Multifamily NW
  • Oregon Business & Industry
  • Oregon Smart Growth
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • PBA Small Business Council
  • Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors®
  • Revitalize Portland Coalition
  • Tax Fairness Oregon
  • The Bungalow Guy PC
  • Warren Allen, LLP
  • Working Waterfront Coalition

Elected Officials

  • Congressman Earl Blumenaeur
  • Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read
  • Former Oregon State Treasurer Randall Edwards
  • State Representative Zach Hudson
  • Metro Council President Lynn Peterson
  • Metro Councilor Duncan Hwang
  • Metro Councilor Mary Nolan
  • Metro Councilor Ashton Simpson
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran
  • Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann
  • Gresham Mayor Travis Stovall
  • Gresham City Councilor Vince Jones-Dixon
  • Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler
  • Portland City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez
  • Portland City Commissioner Mingus Mapps
  • Portland City Commissioner Carmen Rubio
  • Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan
  • Troutdale Mayor Randy Lauer
  • Wood Village Mayor John Miner
  • Wood Village City Councilor Jairo Rios-Campos
  • Portland Public Schools Board Member Julia Brim-Edwards

Community Leaders

  • Javier Alomia
  • Mark Bulka
  • Laurie Byers
  • David Chown
  • Ray Cox
  • Carl Eisenberg
  • Miriam Garcia
  • Mel George
  • Michele Gila
  • Rick & Julie Gustafson
  • Scott Harvey
  • Abril Henson
  • Peter Hiebler
  • Traci Hildner
  • Jamie Howsley
  • Roseann Johnson
  • Karen Johnston
  • Tony Kelly
  • Gabriela Mann
  • Bianca McCarthy
  • Robert McDonald
  • Maabi Munoz
  • Terrence Paschal
  • Michael Patrick
  • Alex Phan
  • Amy Reilly
  • Andrew Rowe
  • Javier Sodo
  • Laura Sol
  • Jared Tjaden
  • Rochelle Yukich
  • Donna Ziegler
  • Michael Ziegler